Why Water?

You just had a massage and you’re feeling great!
Then a few days later that ache is back, the tightness, the soreness…
Why doesn’t it stay “fixed”?
Are you drinking enough?
Ok, let me rephrase that, are you drinking enough water?

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What's Up With Cups

The practice of Cupping has been around for centuries. It’s often used by acupuncturists and associated with Traditional Chinese Medicine. But evidence of Cupping has also been seen in Egyptian hieroglyphic records. And in ancient Greece, even Hippocrates was an advocate of the benefits derived from Cupping. He recommended the use of cups for a variety of ailments and often chastised other physicians who did not use Cupping for healing.

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Kelly Doerge, LMT
What is Fascia?

Back in 1986 I asked my college Anatomy Professor what the white, shiny stuff over the muscles was.

His response, “It’s just connective tissue”

Me, “But what does it do?”

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Karen Drelick