What is Fascia?

Back in 1986 I asked my college Anatomy Professor what the white, shiny stuff over the muscles was.

His response, “It’s just connective tissue”

Me, “But what does it do?”

Professor, “It just holds organs and muscles where they belong and allows muscles to slide smoothly past each other.”

Me, “But anything with a function can become dysfunctional. Then what?” (I have always been known to ask what and why questions.)

Professor, “We are not here to learn that. We are here to study muscles.” (I took that as his way of saying, “I have no idea.”)

Back then very little information was available about this wonderful system that “Just holds our bodies together.” and it truly was given little regard in the medical world. I however was hooked and wanted to learn more and so began my career and love of Myofascial Release. Flash forward 32 years and now you can scroll through over 50 pages of videos on Google on “What is fascia?” It seems the secret is finally out.

I hope you enjoy the video I have picked out for you to get a basic understanding on this amazing, once forgotten, system we have.

What is Fascia

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Karen Drelick PTA, LMT

Karen Drelick